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The head enologist of Rutini Wines Mariano Di Paola, is a prominent figure in the Argentinean wine industry, and has been the head enologist at Rutini Wines since 1993.

Acknowledging his invaluable expertise and his more than three decades in the field, in 2015 the British magazine Decanter named him one of the top 30 enologists in the world.

His winemaking philosophy emphasizes experimentation and constant learning. He is passionate about vines and enjoys strolling through the vineyards, where he oversees the progress of the future harvest every year. He is involved in all of the winery’s enological processes, displaying an inexhaustible desire to perfect its products.

He focuses his efforts on creating sophisticated wines with unique profiles. For him, the best harvest is always the next. His singular approach and innovative spirit allows Rutini to produce wines that are a benchmark on today’s winemaking scene.

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